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ClearWater Exceeds Your Expectations For Heating,
Cooling, Pools, Spas, & More

ClearWater proudly serves as your one stop shop for comprehensive air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and pool project services. If you need a system installed, repaired, maintained or replaced, our team is a call away. We are trained professionals who work on an efficient and timely basis. Whether you need a commercial HVAC, rooftop air conditioner, or a pool repair, we have the service for you!

Client Testimonials

We have a 1926 home with steam heat and radiators. I highly recommend ClearWater. [They provided] rapid assessment of the heating issue and expert repair. Thank you!
Chris, Livonia
What impressed me about ClearWater Construction was their focus on completing the project correctly the first time, the cleanliness of the work space in my home, and genuine friendliness of the entire staff. From the front office to the contractors working on my home, I had the impression that this team has a real rhythm working together.
Tim G., Detroit
The workers were very polite, courteous, and easy to talk to. They explained the process in terms I was able to understand. They were thorough and cleaned up the space when they were finished. They actually did more than they were hired to do, at no additional charge (fixed our storm door). They were professional and very family-friendly (regarding language).
Anessa M., Redford
I have used Clearwater for a number of years for the opening, closing, and maintenance of my pool as needed. I find them very thorough in their work and prompt with their service. I also like over the years having the same crew doing the work which helps to understand my needs. The other important aspect is I find them to be very prompt with their service and having calls answered live most of the time. If not, a callback is done promptly versus waiting a day or so for any follow up.
Mike L., Farmington Hills

Our Commercial Clients

If you are interested in receiving commercial services, look at the list of clients we are already working with. We can provide you and your company a range of services including commercial HVAC and much more!


For all questions, please call ClearWater Michigan. Our staff will be more than happy to discuss all of our services in more detail and answer any questions that you may have. Let’s address the problems in your home or business and have a technician fix them right away! Call ClearWater today and we will set up an appointment for your next installation or repair!